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Velozavodsky market

The Velozavodsky market was built in 1932 according to the project of architects Y.S. Grinevetsky and M.F. Oleneva. Initially, it was a small market, which included a potato trade area with carts, a site with three rows of makeshift tents selling greens and vegetables. In 1973, a new model building of the Soviet period was built on this territory. The market provided natural products to the entire South Port region. For many years of operation, the building has become dilapidated and has ceased to meet the tasks for which it was designed during the first and only reconstruction.

The buildings are obsolete and in need of major repairs. In 2017, a Group of Companies Kievskaya Ploshchad acquired 100% of the shares of OJSC Velozavodsky Market, after which the facility was closed for reconstruction. March 22, 2018 Velozavodsky market met the first visitors. Today the Velozavodsky market is a modern agricultural complex with favorable conditions for both buyers and tenants. In walking distance for citizens, natural, environmentally friendly products directly from manufacturers and farms from different regions of Russia. On the market you can buy exotic fruits, vegetables and sweets from Israel, China, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and many other countries.

Moscow, velozavodskaya str., 13, p. 1

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