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Evropeiskiy shopping and entertainment complex

Evropeiskiy is the most visited shopping and entertainment center, both in Russia and in all Europe. It is located between Dorogomilovskaya street and Kievskaya square, close to the Kievskaya metro station.

Its total area is about 180 thousand square meters. The building is designed according to the principle of shopping arcade, with merchant rows diverging from the central atrium Moscow to the atriums Paris, Rome, London and Berlin.

SEC Evropeiskiy brings the world's leading brands together in the very center of Moscow. Many of the famous clothing brands first appeared in Russia via Evropeiskiy. At the moment, the shopping and entertainment complex has more than 500 clothing and footwear stores of flagship brands, a food court, restaurants, a multi-screen 3D cinema.

Moscow, Kiyevsky Station Square, 2

+7 495 921-34-44