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29 July 2020

The Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies has chosen the winners and prize-winners in the children's drawing competition announced by the holding at the beginning of summer, for Children's Day. Children aged 5 to 17 years old took part in the creative competition dedicated to the city of the future. Most of the contestants succeeded in really proving what they can achieve, and the holding enjoyed a unique opportunity to better understand children's view of urban planning, which will certainly be taken into account when implementing future projects.


The organising committee for the competition received drawings, videos and animations on the topics:

· My favourite city;

· Architecture of the future;

· Russia - my homeland.

The winners of the "City of the Future" competition were:

· Alexander Lavrentyev (Lego City video/animation)

· Pavel Lavrentyev (Buses in the City video/animation)

· Mikhael Samoilov (My Favourite City - Baku video/animation)

· Nika Gugaeva (My Favourite City - Moscow video/animation)

· Arzu Yakubova (My Favourite City - Baku video/animation)

· Vasilisa Terno (House in Nature picture)

· Daniel Yulchiev (Footballer and Rainbow picture)

· Christina Mikhel (Castle picture)

· Damir Pozdnyakov (Russia - my Country picture)

· Zlata Bogoslovskaya (Dream House picture)

· Maria Ignatieva (City of Dogs in Quarantine picture)

· Ekaterina Stroganova (Stadium picture)

· Lev Arbatsky (Cathedral picture)

· Lilia Ivanycheva (Birds and Butterflies on a Meadow picture)

· Grigory Khripchenko (Deer in a City Park picture)

· Polina Lavrentieva (Space Station picture)

· Piotr Bashkatov (City of the Future picture)

· Christina Bogoslovskaya (Moscow - a City for Children picture)

· Milena Eroyan (Girl in the Park picture)

· Evgenia Larina (House and Goats picture)

· Elina Davidian (Sunny Day, Embankment pictures)

· Valentina Mamaeva (Hotel in Asia picture)

· Alisa Melekhova (Winter City, Monastery pictures)

The winners and prize-winners were presented with valuable, memorable gifts from the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies’ portfolio: the Evropeiskiy shopping and entertainment centre, the Grand and Grand-YUG furniture centres, the Schelkovskiy multifunctional complex, Velozavodskaya Market and Central Market (Brownie Mama outlet). The best works will be displayed at one of the Kievskaya Ploshchad facilities as part of a specially created temporary exhibition.ого рынка (корнер Brownie Mama). Лучшие работы будут выставлены для показа на одном из объектов «Киевской площади» в рамках специально созданной временной экспозиции.

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