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Second phase of treatment facilities to be launched on the FOOD CITY site this summer

6 July 2020

Another system of KTR LOK rainwater treatment installations is to be launched on the FOOD CITY agrocluster site. It will allow for additional wastewater treatment. The new system is scheduled to be commissioned in August 2020. In total, ten prefabricated KTR LOK tanks with a current catchment area of 49,000 m2 will be installed. The technical features of these KTR LOK installations will double the volume of treatment work compared to the existing capacity.

Modernising the treatment facilities will have a positive impact on the ecology of the entire agrocluster and its surrounding area. By helping the city authorities identify and eliminate sources of pollution and improve the overall environmental safety of the district, the FOOD CITY agrocluster is implementing one of the key principles of its work: increased social responsibility.

KTR LOK is an autonomous modular storm drain cleaning and filtration system with a high-strength polymer body. With its help, runoff water is mechanically cleaned of coarse contaminants (sand, clay), petroleum products (fuel and oil) and fuel combustion products.

To date, 60% of the storage capacity of the treatment plants has been installed and 80% of the pipeline has been laid.


Effluent clean-up follows the classic three-stage scheme. Each stage separates a particular array of contaminants: deposition of coarse sediment (sand etc.) and suspended substances, then separation of mechanically emulsified petroleum products (fuel, oils) and fuel combustion products, and finally, absorption of residues. In addition, microbiological decontamination of effluent is carried out with the help of a block with the KTR-UFB bactericidal ultraviolet installation.

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