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New Olimpiyskiy to have even more sport

20 February 2020

This major project by the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies will become a leader among facilities of this type, taking shape in line with all international standards in the field of construction and safety. The renovated Olimpiyskiy, as previously, will consist of three buildings united by a shared base and walkways.

After modernisation, Olimpiyskiy will not only remain as Russia’s most important sports facility, able to host world-class competitions, and one of the most popular venues for concerts by world-famous stars, but will also significantly expand its functionality.

The sports and rhythmic gymnastics halls, choreography, swimming pools, an ice arena for hockey, figure skating, as well as tennis courts will be modernised and provided with innovative equipment designed for training and competitions. And compact solutions using modern technologies will allow optimal use of previously unused spaces. As a result, Olimpiyskiy will add multi-purpose halls and areas for more than 25 types of sports: martial arts, tennis, squash, etc.

In the water sports centre with its training, swimming and diving pool, stands for 4000 spectators will be built that meet the requirements of the International Swimming Federation (FINA). This will allow competitions at both Russian and international scale to be held.

Among the project’s innovations is a unique 1 km indoor running track overlooking Moscow, which will join the two buildings together and have the shape of a figure eight.

A professional diving centre with a depth of 30 m with marine flora and fauna for certified diver training will be created, as well as an urban culture centre with facilities for streetball, panna football, street lifting, street dance, freestyle and street art.

As well as its sports function, Olimpiyskiy will not just retain, but expand its cultural significance for Moscow’s residents. The creation of a multifunctional concert transformer-hall with the latest acoustic system and sound amplification will make it possible to host not just music, but also sports shows of global significance. Two unique high-tech escalators 75 metres long with panoramic glazing will lead to the concert hall and cinema halls. Under the dome of the arena, there will be a cine-cluster with 16 halls, as well as an arthouse cinema hall, an IMAX-format hall and a separate hall for movie premiers. The total area of the cine-cluster will exceed 20 000 square metres. The complex will also provide spaces for exhibitions and conferences, a VR centre and electronic library

Close attention has been paid to organising family leisure: there will be a family leisure centre, a modern thermal complex and a water leisure centre for adults and children with the option to practise wakeboarding, surfing, beach volleyball, football, tennis and frisbee. In the accompanying shopping and entertainment part there will be food court and food market zones, and a unique walking zone – Olympic Boulevard – along which 38 panoramic restaurants will make a full circle in one hour will open on Olimpiyskiy’s roof. In addition, the parking zone will be expanded – its capacity will be 2500 parking spaces in underground and above-ground parking lots.

God Nisanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies, explains: “Modernising the legendary Olimpiyskiy sports complex is attracting a lot of public attention. This is one of the key facilities in the capital, and we are approaching its reconstruction very carefully, respecting people’s opinions. It is important for us that the renovated Olimpiyskiy, above all, meets the interests of the city’s residents. Our goal is to create a modern centre for professional sports and family leisure activities, where Muscovites and visitors to the capital can relax in comfort and enjoy as a family playing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The most modern, the best not just in Russia, but in Europe, too.”

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