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“Utopio.Art” art space opens in the Evropeiskiy shopping centre

26 December 2019

On New Year's Eve, the Evropeiskiy shopping mall invites you to get up close to works of contemporary art. On 26 December 2019, the Utopio.Art art space opened on the third floor of the Berlin atrium. Utopio-Art is a hybrid space that brings us the cultural shopping format.

Following global trends for reinventing the shopping centre concept, Evropeiskiy introduces the "cultural shopping" format, offering an opportunity to take a break from shopping and enjoy a more cultural experience.

Utopio.Art is an immersive art attraction based on the presence and immersion effect, allowing the viewer to become part of an art object, revealing its meaning through interaction. Here, you can experience the artist's creative drive and enter his or her fantasy world, look into the face of infinity in the installation of Oleg Panov, play the "tooth" piano in the Marina Koldobskaya area, or try on a light halo-mandala by Alex Zhogov.

The exhibition also features audiovisual installations by Yota Lab resident artist Ildar Yakubov, Alexei Dyakov (UltraArtist), Valeria Molodovskaya (Moon Water), graffiti by Oblakov Studio, and a video installation by other artists.

Utopio.Art is a hybrid space within which different genres of contemporary art intertwine - from light-kinetic installations to street art – for once not gathered together within the setting of a classical museum exhibition or art gallery.


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