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Evropeiskiy shopping and entertainment complex reopens

1 June 2020

From 1 June 2020, visitors to Evropeiskiy have full access to all stores located in the shopping and entertainment centre. The first visitors can expect promotions, as well as special offers, which were prepared by the shopping centre’s administration.

Following the order from the capital’s authorities to reopen stores selling non-food products, the Evropeiskiy shopping complex is reopening its shops and boutiques. At the same time, according to the order of Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing), the shopping and entertainment centre will continue to operate a range of special preventive measures aimed at ensuring the safety of visitors, tenants and employees. Before it reopened, the complex’s ventilation system was also upgraded, which allows for full air exchange within the shopping mall every 10 minutes.

Evropeiskiy provides free access to fixed dispensers containing antiseptic products, regular cleaning of elevators, escalator handrails, door handles and other surfaces. Effective decontamination of the building’s air is provided by irradiator-recirculators. Disinfectant tunnels have been installed at the entrances. This system is based on the evaporation of disinfectant solution in the form of fog/steam, which can cover 100% of the surface area and quickly eliminate viruses and bacteria.

The Evropeiskiy shopping centre will strictly monitor compliance with the COVID-19 rules for visitors imposed under the pandemic, such as mandatory wearing of medical masks and gloves. Special markings will help visitors to the shopping and entertainment complex observe 1.5-metre social distancing.

Thermal imaging is operating at Evropeiskiy to identify people with high temperatures. Arrangements for epidemiological control will be able to track and instantly display data on a special display, which will allow timely avoidance of unwanted contacts.


In order to comply with safety, the administration of the shopping and entertainment centre asks visitors to pay attention to Rospotrebnadzor’s recommendations: to wear medical masks and gloves, as well as observing a social distance of 1.5 metres.

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