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Watch the Spasskaya Tower Festival with the Radisson Royal Flotilla

30 August 2019


The Radisson Royal Flotilla has prepared special cruises for the duration of the XII International Military Music Festival Spasskaya Tower 2019. For the price of a single ticket for a walk along the Moscow River, a parade of orchestras and theatrical performances will be held at Red Square during the ten days of the festival. As an event sponsor, the Radisson Royal Flotilla provides a unique opportunity to watch the XII Spasskaya Tower International Festival while cruising through the historic center of the capital. The best military orchestras from around the world will perform at Red Square from August 23 to September 1 along with theatrical light and pyrotechnic shows.

A Moscow River cruise aboard the panoramic Radisson Royal Flotilla yacht with a restaurant service on board will allow you to not only see the main attractions of the city and try signature dishes, but also to conveniently watch the annual parade of military bands.

Radisson Royal Flotilla

For ten years, the Flotilla has been actively involved in the construction and development of an effort to increase the significance of the Moscow River for tourists in the capital both from within Russia and from abroad. In 2018, some 600,000 passengers rode the Flotillas yachts. This is half of the total number of passengers transported by all Moscow shipowners during this period.

The Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival is an annual theatrical performance held since 2007. Its program includes ceremonial parades of the best military bands, dance shows, and performances by famous musicians. The 12th Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival kicked off in Moscow on August 23 and will continue until September 1.



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