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"Demography" national project in Depo.Moscow

14 February 2022

From February 10 to March 10, 2022, the Depo.Moscow Food Mall will host an event encouraging people to quit using nicotine containing products as a part of the Demography National Project. To do so, special interactive Quitters stands were installed on the territory of the food mall, motivating smokers to stop consuming nicotine containing products. 

The mechanics are simple - anyone who approaches the interactive stand can familiarise with the rules of participation and learn about the reasons people start smoking in the first place. The interactivity, during which the problems, that smokers face, are pointed out, is launched by the participant throwing out a pack of cigarettes or sticks inside the counter. 

You can join the Quitters community on social media:

Fight against the nicotine containing products consumption is one of the courses of the Demography National Project. Thanks to legislative changes carried out by the Ministry of Health of Russia as part of the national project in the fall of 2020, electronic cigarettes have been equated to conventional ones, i.e. they are subject to the same restrictions. In general, the reduction in the consumption of nicotine containing products in the Russian Federation should be 10% by 2024. Since 2009, the number of smokers among adult Russians has decreased from 39% to 28%. 

The implementation of the Strengthening Public Health Federal Project within the Demography National Project is aimed at creating a system for strengthening public health, which involves improving measures for the purpose of reducing the risk factors and mortality among the working-age population, including the fight against smoking.


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