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Red Bull Dance Your Style national final at Depo.Moscow

6 September 2021

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global competition for different street dance styles - hip-hop, locking, popping, house, waacking, and others. It is held in 39 countries around the world, and this is a cool chance to show yourself at the international level! On September 18 at 19:00 we will meet at the largest food mall in Europe, at Depo.Moscow!

Battles are held in an open format and are one vs. one battles; dancers from different disciplines compete in the rounds. Each battle is an exchange of emotions, a demonstration of your talent and fun, because DJs play music in a random way, without being tied to a genre! This tests the dancer's ability to adapt their style to the rhythm. Get ready to hear funk, rap, classical and pop music on stage - all the tracks will be familiar to you!

Unlike most street dance battles, Red Bull Dance Your Style has no judges. The winners of the battles are determined by public voting: the audience makes a noise and raise up blue or red cards, depending on which part of the stage the dancer occupies, blue or red. To win their hearts, it is not necessary to perform complex movements, you can "win" the audience with charisma and facial expressions. Yes, you rarely see this on other battles!

В финале примут участие 16 танцоров, самых оригинальных представителей стилей — от крампа до вакинга, от локинга до хип-хопа. Это соревнования в формате один на один, платформа для демонстрации танцевального бессознательного без ограничений по жанрам под зажигательные мировые хиты.

16 dancers will participate in the final, the original representatives of different styles, from crump to waacking, from locking to hip-hop. This is a one vs. one competition, a platform for demonstrating your dance without restrictions on genres to the best world hits.

The audience will decide who runs the dance floor.

A peculiarity of Red Bull Dance Your Style is ultra-popular music during battles. This gives the audience, who are the judges, the opportunity to be as involved as possible: sing along, dance and vote with their hearts.

The winner will represent Russia at the World Final in Johannesburg in December 2021.

Get ready for the party, let's choose with our hearts!

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