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God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev in TOP 100 of 200 Richest Businessmen of Russia rating by Forbes

22 April 2021

Based on the Forbes’ annual rating of 200 Richest Businessmen of Russia God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev have held their positions in the top 100, ranking 43rd and 42nd . The assets  of Kiyevskaya Ploshchad owners increased to $3.4b and not only reached the pre-pandemic level, but even exceeded it. 

In 2020, the group of companies implemented a number of signature projects: it acquired the Central Market, opened a modern passenger hub Schelkovsky in Moscow with a bus station and a shopping mall as part of the intermodal passenger transport hub having the same name, as well as started the project for replicating its Food City agricultural cluster in 24 regions of Russia.

The first site to implement, in collaboration with Sber, the digital platform with an electronic exchange, to which both Russian and foreign suppliers, buyers and service operators will be able to connect directly, is the territory of the wholesale food complex in Domodedovo, Moscow Region, acquired at the public auction.

It was the 18th time Forbes presented its rating of the richest businessmen of Russia . This year its threshold has raised to $550, and the number of billionaires reached 123.

The shareholders of Kiyevskaya Ploshchad have earlier reconfirmed their leading position of (as) the Kings of Russian Real Estate in the Forbes rating, which they have been holding since 2012.

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