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26 July 2021

The Shchelkovsky shopping and entertainment center hosts a photo exhibition by the charity foundation, Kotodetki, dedicated to homeless pets. The exhibition features photographs of forty cats and dogs looking for a home. The exhibition is located on the ground floor of the mall.

The Shchelkovsky multifunctional complex together with the Kotodetki foundation have collected a whole gallery of animals that are looking for a home. The exposition presents touching photographs of animals, each of which has a QR code, scanning which, you can learn more about the name, age, health status, habits and history of saving the pets, and most importantly, how to adopt them.

Most cats and dogs from Kotodetki are waiting for their owners at 16 shelters in Moscow and the Moscow region. The others were rescued on the street and are now in the Kotodetki Zoo. The zoo is a temporary home for animals, where cats and dogs adapt to domestic life. Every week volunteers come there to help socialize the animals, walk and brush the dogs.

The Shchelkovsky shopping and entertainment center will become the third venue for the photo exhibition of the Kotodetki charity foundation. This project is an important component of the social and charitable life of the shopping and entertainment center. The main goal of the project is to provide families with four-legged friends, and vice versa.

Photo exhibition dates&times:

July 26 - August 31, 2021,

10:00 to 22:00, Fri-Sat - 10:00 to 23:00.



0 floor, Shchelkovsky" mall, Shchelkovskoye highway, 75.

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