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Radisson Royal Flotilla opens summer passenger sailings

23 June 2020

In 2020, the opening of summer passenger sailings on the Moscow River was delayed for 2 months, but on 23 June, a parade of ships was held on the capital’s main waterway. About 40 vessels with various projects and modifications, including the yachts from the Radisson Royal Flotilla, passed along the route from Novospassky Bridge to Andreevsky Bridge from 10.00am to 12.00pm.

The Flotilla’s yachts have undergone all necessary inspections, including compliance with the recommendations for the operation of ships in conditions of increased risk of spreading COVID-19. On board, social distancing is observed, with the requirement to wear masks, gloves and use antiseptics. The yachts’ open decks will be the safest place for summer leisure and allow visitors to enjoy views of the historic centre of Moscow.

This year, six ships from the Flotilla will be sailing, and despite the imposed reduction in passenger capacity, prices will remain the same. Tickets, as always, can be purchased on the Flotilla’s official website or at points of sale.



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