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Charitable screening of a documentary about Kamchatka

25 August 2021

On August 29 at 13:00, the Depo.Moscow food mall together with the leading Russian company in e-commerce and electronics and household appliances retail, M.Video-Eldorado, invite residents and guests of the capital to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of Kamchatka and observe the first year of life of the Brown bear cubs.

“Kamchatka Bears. The Beginning of Life” directed by Vladislav Grishin and Irina Zhuravleva is the story of two she-bears and their cubs, whom the film crew watched for 7 months. A unique picture that takes you to a world where a person is assigned only the role of an observer, and immerses you in the atmosphere of natural balance, which is still preserved in protected areas. “Kamchatka Bears. The Beginning of Life” has won a collection of awards at many international and thematic festivals and won the Golden Eagle in the “Best Non-Fiction Film” category in 2018.

The screening will take place to support the Drone Ecozone charity merch, the profits from which will go to the development of programs for the preservation of Russian nature by the Beautiful Children in the Beautiful World Foundation.

Also, from 26 to 29 August, the gastronomic space visitors will be able to see an installation rethinking the project and reflecting on the role of technology in saving nature by the artist named INFRA opposite the main entrance to the Depo.Moscow food mall, behind the stage.

The screening will take place on the main stage of the Depo.Moscow food mall. The event starts at 13:00 sharp.

Free entrance.

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