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God Nisanov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of OOO Kievskaya Ploshchad

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AO Olimpiysky Sports Complex

Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Krasnaya Sloboda

Date of birth: April 24, 1972

Education: Baku Finance and Credit Technicum in specialty Credit and Jurisprudence in the Social Security System, with a qualification of «Lawyer».

Family status: married, has four children: three sons and one daughter

Hobbies: diving, horse riding, sports.


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God Nisanov was born on April 24, 1972 in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda in Azerbaijan in the family of Semyon and Margarita Nisanov. Their family has four children. God Nisanov has a brother and two sisters.

«I see my father as one of my most important life mentors. For many years he worked hard, run a business, was a director of the factory - and ever since I was little I witnessed the way he treats people with respect. For me, it was a genuine school of morality. Despite the fact that our family was always well off, me and my brother were raised in strictness. Father cultivated in us a love for work, he taught us to appreciate what you already have. As for financial support from him - it’s great,  but I wanted to make my own money. A working day of 12-14 hours never scared me. Even to this moment, my working day quite often ends well after midnight.» God Nisanov Interview, Forbes Magazine

In 1990, Nisanov graduated from the Baku Finance and Credit Technicum with a degree in Credit and Jurisprudence in the Social Security System, qualified as a Lawyer.After graduation, God Nisanov worked in the social security service. At the same time, he had a side job at the largest cannery in the Cuban region. The factory was led by his father. Nisanov’s first steps in entrepreneurship began with the opening of a small thrift store in Krasnaya Sloboda. In the early 90s, God Nisanov left for Moscow and began developing business in the field of trade. In 1993, God Nisanov engaged in a joint business with a friend and fellow countryman Zarakh Iliev. Over the next 10 years, partners had several projects. Development has become their main area of ​​interest.  

Today, the main areas in which Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies is active  are development, hotel and restaurant business.

“If we talk about profitability, the diamond in our crown is the Evropeiskiy shopping center, while the «Ukraina» Hotel is our trademark”. God Nisanov Interview, Forbes Magazine

God Nisanov is one of the leading representatives of the Russian business community. Since 2012, God Nisanov, together with business partner Zarakh Iliev have been leading the Forbes’ top list of Russian owners of commercial real estate. God Nisanov is actively involved in charity work.


  • Letter of appreciation from the Mayor of Moscow, 2018 «For active participation in the public life of the capital and great personal contribution to the urban development of Moscow».

  • Message of thanks from the President of the Russian Federation, 2017 «For active participation in the creation and installation of a monument to Holy Great Prince Vladimir, Equal of the Apostles on Borovitskaya Square».

  • Letter of acknowledgement, 2017 «For a great contribution to the preparation and holding of anniversary celebrations dedicated to the memory of Holy Great Prince Vladimir, Equal of the Apostles, the Evangelizer of Russia».

  • State award of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Order "For Service to the Fatherland" of the 3rd degree, 2016.
    «For merits in the development of the Azerbaijani diaspora».

  • Letter of acknowledgement from the Mayor of Moscow, 2016 «For contribution to the organization of the construction of the Multifunctional Migration Center.»

  •  Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia “Violinist on the Roof” prize in the nomination “Charity”, 2015

  • Commemorative medal "70 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", 2015.
    «For active participation in the patriotic education of citizens and solving of the socio-economic problems of veterans».

  • Award “For Leadership” from the Conference on Hotel Investment, 2014
    «For implemented projects of the Radisson Royal Moscow and Radisson Slavyanskaya hotels».

  • State award of the Russian Federation, Order of Friendship, 2014 "For a great contribution to the implementation of economic projects and attracting investment funds to the economy of the Russian Federation.»

  • Certificate of Honor from the President of the Russian Federation, 2012 «For a great contribution to the implementation of measures to restore the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker».

  • State award of the Republic of Azerbaijan, medal «Tereggi», 2011,  «For patronage and support of fellow countrymen in Russia».